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North Supply have been trading since 1994 and have primarily supplied solutions under OEM agreements for over 20 years to some of the largest telecoms suppliers in the UK.
Our Voice Recording solutions are used by thousands of customers on a daily basis, so the recording platform and supported features are tried and tested.
We offer a complete one stop solution that includes supply, installation, commissioning, training and ongoing support to provide our customers with complete peace of mind.
customers compliance

Solutions Overview

North Supply offer a range of Call Recording solutions to meet the requirements of organisations of all sizes.

Recording Capability

North Supply offer a range of recording methods to ensure calls from multiple devices are captured and available for replay on demand.


Analogue, ISDN 2 ( BRI), ISDN 30 ( PRI), DASS, and SIP lines are able to be recorded either in their raw, encrypted or compressed format.


Analogue, Digital, SIP, RTP and proprietary IP extension are able to be recorded using system taps or media streams from the host platform.


Smartphones can be recorded in the same manner as desktop phones via a clever app that routes business calls to your on premise recorder.


The NSR software can be set to record and report on individual users or hot desking agents either automatically or via dedicated desktop login clients.


Remote workers can be connected to the main NSR system via VPN and have calls recorded as if they were in the office.


A usual requirement for Taxi companies and emergency services, Radio conversations are able to be recorded simultaneously

Typical Users

North Supply have designed their recorders to meet the requirements of a wide range of users to provide a valuable and versatile tool to help both individuals and organisations.
Here are just a few examples of users that will benefit.

Over 3000

Server / PC installs

Over 10000

User / Clients in operation

Over 50000

Calls being recorded daily

One Stop

We Supply, Install and Support

Business Intelligence

Information is powerful as it allows accurate decisions to be based on facts. NS Recorders allow authorised users to access a wide range of data to help them manage their business on a daily basis. Here are some of the report parameters provided in both text and graphical formats as standard

User Software

North Supply has a range of clients to fit all user requirements.
  • Admin Client

    A fully featured web or executable client that allows administrators access to every configuration parameter on the system to allow them to set up and manage users, access rights and permissions as required.
  • Agent Client

    The Agent Login Client allows organisations that embrace “Hot Desking” of agents to accurately record agent calls irrespective of where they are logged in. Supervisors are also easily able to see in real time the status of all agents.
  • User Client

    A simple client that is aimed at making the search, retrieval and playback of calls as easy as possible. A unique features on all user, administrator and custom clients is the ability to tailor the user frame style and results table colour scheme to allow user to customise there client to encourage user ownership and ease of use.
  • Custom Client

    Custom clients are effectively hybrid clients that can be created by the system administrator to include a range of additional features to tailor the access rights and views to suit power users, supervisors , managers and Directors as required.
  • Mobile Client

    A simple user controlled application that resides on Android* and IOS** devices that routes selected or all calls via a datacentre and then onto the organisations recorder to allow search and retrieval as if it were an internal call. Check supported versions of Android * and IOS**
  • ACR Client

    The Agent Recording Client ( ARC) forms part of the PCI compliance suite and allows users to use their local desktop in order to stop and restart of recording as required. In addition to the ARC client, the NSR also supports DTMF and Web page payment screen by auto stop / start of recording to assist organisations achieve PCI compliance.

Call Centre Overview

Record and Replay, Quality Monitoring, Screen Capture and Speech Analysis
Call Centres have specific requirements to meet both their internal, and their external customer needs.
Below are some of the features currently supported on the North Supply Enterprise recorder either as standard
or via an upgrade to the core product.
  • Agent Evaluation

    Evaluators are able to create their own bespoke scoring templates, control user recording playback, and perform evaluations as required. Results are then stored in the database for supervisors to generate reports using the Business Analytics tools.
  • Reporting

    The Call centre reporting option provides detail standard and user customisable reports on call statistics, agents, agent evaluations, customers plus much more. The NS Recorder integrates with Qlikview, an industry leading Business Intelligence platform to provide clear, concise, historical, graphical reports using data exported from the Voice Recorder database.
  • Web services

    Many customers prefer to search and retrieve calls through the convenience of their desktop database or CRM application. Using web services, the call recorder can respond to a set of standard commands to playback calls on demand, or forward recorded calls to within the database application. In addition to standard commands, bespoke requests can be reviewed by our development team to ensure the recorder integrates into your infrastructure to provide a seamless operation.
  • Screen Capture

    In addition to recording calls, most Call Centres record customer data via an on screen CRM or database application. The on screen activity can be captured and playback of the call and screen recording performed simultaneously or independently.
  • PCI Compliance

    Many features are designed to assist organisations achieve industry compliance. These include recording stop / restart ( PCI), call encryption, call archiving and audit trail (FCA) the ability to create a black list of telephone numbers (TPS) + are designed to ensure Ofcom guidelines are adhered to.
  • Speech Analytics

    An enjoyable customer experience is of paramount importance to many Call Centre operations. Therefore the Speech Analytics upgrade module provides supervisors and managers the ability to generate reports which highlight unbalanced volume levels between caller and operator, periods of silence and cross talking, potential customer frustration or anger plus more that can be used positively to train agents to ensure the user experience is as professional as possible.

Compliance Solutions

Adhering to regulatory compliance standards is a key requirement for many Financial, Insurance, Travel and Retail outlets. Many compliance regulations relate to how customers are sold financial products and when assessed by the regulatory body, the organisations ability to prove the correct processes were adhered to.

Call recording can play a major part in assisting companies obtain and maintain compliance by ensuring standards are maintained, processes are followed and in providing evidence when required.

From an FCA perspective, NS recorders provide the ability to capture calls in an encrypted format and provide the means to store older calls in archive folders stored locally on DVD, NAS or SAN drives, therefore providing convenient long term storage with easy access to stored recordings for users as required.

With respect to PCI compliance, we offers 3 methods of pausing the call recording whilst taking customer credit card details – 2 manual methods i.e. via handset DTMF tones and via an agent desktop client ( note by using the agent desktop client this also pauses on screen recording to prevent visual details also being captured) plus an automated method where calls are paused when supported web based payment screens are opened on a desktop PC and recording restarted when the payment screen is exited.

In addition to regulatory compliance standards, NS recorders work in partnership with the telephone system to ensure Ofcom

guidelines relating to the recording of calls are also adhered to.

NS VR Customers

Although technology, features and functions play their part, we have not forgotten that any solution has to be right for the people who are using it.

Please see below examples of where North Supply recorders have been deployed and are used daily by these organisations.

Travel and Recruitment agencies rely on desk and mobile telephone calls to keep in regular contact with customers and clients in circumstances where transactions are of a critical nature and of a high value or major importance.

In most cases all is fine, but when issues are encountered the ability to replay and copies of calls is essential to keep clients and keep reputations.  NS recorders therefore provide peace of mind, allowing authorised users access to the recorder from both in and out of the office to help resolve issues in an efficient manner.

  • Ability to replay calls

    essential to keep clients and keep reputations.
  • Easy Access

    authorised users access to the recorder from both in and out of the office

Caring for the young and vulnerable is a major obligation and ensuring the health and welfare of children and teenagers is key to any educational establishment. NS recorders are therefore used to capture and protect all by recording what was said by whom and when to ensure no misunderstandings occur.

Recorders are typically used in educational environments to help manage truancy, inform parents of children’s injuries or disciplinary matters, and in special cases recordings can be used in custody or for social work cases.

  • Capture and protect

    by recording what was said by whom and when
  • Child welfare

    can be improved by helping manage truancy, informing parents of children’s injuries or disciplinary matters

As an area that is heavily regulated by the FCA, in addition to offering a reliable and secure recording platform, aspects such as system redundancy, data backup and data archive are essential to financial organisations such as Banks, trading Houses, insurance companies and building societies to name a few.

In addition to the many standard features, NS have undertaken a number of bespoke developments designed specifically to meet the requirements of financial traders. These includes integration of the Enterprise Recorders to specialist financial backup solutions such as EMC Centera and have also developed and deployed auto detect and auto failover of recording platforms in the event of a system or site failure, as part of a BCM policy.

  • Bespoke developments

    designed specifically to meet the requirements of financial traders
  • Auto detect and auto failover

    in the event of a system or site failure, as part of a BCM policy.

Ensuring goods are ordered and delivered on the right day at the right time is essential to operating logistics and aggregate companies in the most cost effective manner and having a recording of what was said and agreed is an invaluable tool when trying to resolve issues that have additional costs associated with them.

NS recorders achieve this and provide the ability to email recordings over to customers PC’s or smartphones to help resolve issues in a speedy and professional manner with just a click of a mouse.

  • Invaluable tool

    when resolving issues that have additional costs associated with them
  • Speedy and professional communication

    ability to email recordings over to customers PC’s or smartphones

GP’s and medical centres are under increasing pressure to attend to greater numbers of clients. It is fairly typical that medical advice is given over the phone and so it is essential this is captured and recorded for use in the event there is a problem or issue at a later date.

NS recorders are used daily to achieve this whether it be for nurse triage or on call doctors, busy receptionists or practice managers, the NS Recorder range has a solution for practices of all sizes.

  • Captured and recorded

    there to use in the event of a problem or issue at a later date.
  • Solution for all practices

    whether it’s purpose is for nurse triage or on call doctors, busy receptionists or practice managers

Taxi companies work in very competitive markets where customer service and customer satisfaction are essential to keeping customers happy.

Customer calls are often made from locations with high background noise levels so it is invaluable to be able to replay calls instantaneously to check and verify the collection details are accurate before dispatching the taxi , and even more so to be able to replay collection calls back to customers when the wrong details have inadvertently been provided.

  • Replay calls instantaneously

    to easily check and verify the collection details are accurate
  • Replay collection calls back to customers

    when the wrong details have inadvertently been provided to avoid confrontation

Virtual, Database and Telephone system Integration

In addition to operating a call recorder as a standalone product , many customers are now looking for closer integration with other elements of their business such as CRM databases, the telephone system, and Business Intelligence software to help deliver a more efficient and professional solution for both the organisation and their customers.

  • API and CTI Integration

    North Supply Recorders therefore support API’s for developers and have an inbuilt Tapi Server to allow users to dial direct from the recorder database.
  • Communication system Integration

    North Supply support connection to many proprietary interfaces to allow it to work seamlessly with Telephone system vendors such as BT, Avaya, Mitel, Aastra, Cisco, Alcatel, Unify (Siemens) and more.
  • Virtual Environments

    North Supply recorders can also operate in Virtual environments and have been tested to operate with VMware V Sphere Hypervisor.

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